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Audiômetro Interacoustics Eclipse
  • Audiômetro Interacoustics Eclipse
  • Audiômetro Interacoustics Eclipse
  • Audiômetro Interacoustics Eclipse
  • Audiômetro Interacoustics Eclipse
  • Audiômetro Interacoustics Eclipse
  • Audiômetro Interacoustics Eclipse
  • Audiômetro Interacoustics Eclipse

Audiômetro Interacoustics Eclipse


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ABR e OAE | Resultados nos quais pode CONFIAR!


  • Garantimos a confidencialidade dos seus dados. Garantimos a confidencialidade dos seus dados.
  • Entregas em todo o território nacional e internacional. Entregas em todo o território nacional e internacional.
  • Satisfeito ou reembolsado. Satisfeito ou reembolsado.

Audiômetro Interacoustics Eclipse

- Unidade ABR e OAE.
- Resultados nos quais pode CONFIAR!

Usuários criam seus próprios sistemas escolhendo apenas os módulos que eles precisam com a possibilidade de adicionar mais recursos à medida que eles forem necessários. Os módulos de teste têm interfaces de usuário semelhantes para simplificar o aprendizado e o uso diário.

Rotinas automatizadas

O Eclipse vem com diversas sequências de testes pré-carregados comuns para que você se familiarize com o produto o mais rápido possível. Após familiarizar-se com os protocolos, você pode adicionar ou modificar a bateria de testes para que ela se encaixe em suas necessidades pessoais.


O Eclipse fornece uma escolha quase ilimitada em parâmetros de testes que lhe permite elaborar e ver os testes. Mesmo durante os exames, os parâmetros são facilmente alterados sem precisar sair e reiniciar a sessão de teste.

Segurança do paciente

O Eclipse vem com um exclusivo transformador de segurança médico embutido. As especificações de segurança elétrica de qualidade garantem isolamento completo do paciente de qualquer risco elétrico possível.

Display de teste

O Eclipse tem rotulagem automática, formatos fáceis de ler e layouts claros, o que facilita a interpretação dos resultados na tela e os relatórios impressos. Também é fácil comparar sessões históricas anteriores. Você pode imprimir relatórios em PDF ou exportar em formato XML.

Pré-amplificador melhorado

Reduzir ruído é o componente mais importante para a obtenção de gravações ABR de boa qualidade. O pré-amplificador reformulado recentemente incorpora novas tecnologias que reduzem os níveis de ruído em até 50%. Os benefícios são óbvios quando os testes são realizados em ambientes hostis elétricos bem abaixo do ideal.

Eclipse Modules
testing on one dedicated platform

Every Eclipse software module is developed based on proven technologies and feedback from users and audiology experts. Features are developed in sync with your changing needs and contain the latest technologies making the Eclipse a future-safe investment.

ABRIS is a fast screening software that can be used for all age groups. It returns a simple pass/refer result, requires minimal tester training and is automatic and objective. After attaching the electrodes and making a quick impedance check – simply click “Start” and you are set to go. EEG monitoring is provided with a continuous graphical display and no measurements are collected during periods of unacceptable noise. Results are clearly displayed in: Green for Pass and Red for Refer – it’s that easy!

99.7% - don´t settle for less

ABRIS specificity (the ability to correctly exclude normal hearing babies) is as high as 99.7% in large scale clinical trials using two stage screening.

ABRIS sensitivity (the ability to correctly identify babies with hearing problems) is 99.99% based on large-scale simulations.

The Interacoustics ASSR system reduces test times by 50% thanks to Narrow Band CE-Chirp® stimuli and new powerful automated dual response detection methods.
Full control – full speed

You will dramatically shorten test time as you are in full control of selecting the appropriate stimulus levels independently for each frequency based on current and previous results. Also, you are able to change the stimulation rate during testing depending on the state of your patient. All in all: Full control allows full agility and speed.

Cut test times in half

The Interacoustics ASSR software uses the narrow band CE-Chirp® stimuli to generate a maximal response, which makes the detection easy and efficient. The dual detection engine evaluates both the phase and the response magnitude from 12 of the higher harmonics of the fundamental modulation rate. This patented technology can reduce test time by 50% compared to traditional ASSR systems and offers unsurpassed accuracy.

A new (and faster) generation

Interacoustics ASSR represents a true breakthrough and a new generation in ASSR threshold estimation. The ASSR software enables 8 thresholds to be achieved in less than 20-30 minutes through the use of Narrow Band CE-Chirp® stimulus and a patented detection engine.

Transfer results straight to DSL

The estimated audiogram generated by the ASSR can be transferred directly to the DSLv5 hearing aid fitting algorithm via the Affinity 2.0 Hearing Aid Analyzer from Interacoustics.
EP15 & EP25

Developed for clinics performing standard threshold and neurological ABR testing, the EP15 will allow you to do a common task surprisingly well. For those who need specialized procedures requiring the full spectrum of AEPs: Go for the advanced EP25 software.
Threshold & neurological ABR testing & eABR
Bayesian weighting
Residual noise calculator
Fmp calculator
SNR 3:1 ratio calculator
CR, RA, INC waveform markers
Normative latency data for click, CE-Chirp® & NB CE-Chirp®
Single/split screen
CE-Chirp® & NB CE-Chirps® for optimized threshold assessment
AMLR, ALLR & P300/MMN testing
CM & ECochG testing
ECochG Area Ratio Calculation


The Eclipse hardware platform also accommodates DPOAE and TEOAE capabilities.

The DPOAE20 module produces detailed DP Grams with protocols designed by the user for their preferences or requirements. Build your own customized normative data sets or use the supplied norms from Interacoustics.


The TEOAE25 uses linear or non-linear broad band clicks to evoke otoacoustic emissions. The extensive range of clinical options provides full clinical evaluation of TEOAEs. The TEOAE25 also has protocol settings for automatic pass/refer result displays for hearing screening. Factory defaults are also available.

Shared features and benefits

Lightweight probe with low internal noise
Easy to place in the ear
Inexpensive to maintain
Auto probe check determines correct placement
Validity checks for OAE detection confirmation
User-controlled sensitivity and noise rejection for easier collection


Combine VEMP software with the Interacoustics VNG system for a complete balance system. The Eclipse VEMP test measures and analyses the vestibular evoked myogenic potential generated by a loud stimulus. The difference between ears is calculated automatically using the VEMP ratio. Simply mark two places on the VEMP curve and the software will calculate the VEMP ratio.

What is VEMP?

The Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Response is an evoked potential used to test the saccule and its afferent pathways. The VEMP is easily recorded using surface electrodes at four sites; vertex, left and right sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscles and a ground electrode using loud clicks or tone bursts at slow stimulus rates.

VEMP testing is used in addition to the traditional vestibular tests such as VNG as it is the only test to isolate the function of the saccule and inferior vestibular nerve. An automated Amplitude Asymmetry Ratio calculation allows comparison of vestibular function between the left and right ear. VEMP is used to diagnse Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence (SSCD) and inferior nerve disorders. Recently, the Ocular VEMP (O-VEMP), a test of the utricle and superior vestibular nerve function, has also become of interest to clinician’s assessing vestibular function.

Why test VEMP?

The Eclipse comes with pre-programmed VEMP protocols and is ready to use immediately. The pre-programmed VEMP protocols can also be modified easily to fit your clinic needs or new protocols can be created. Simply choose the intensity and select the ear to test on the Record sheet, while instructing the patient to activate the SCM muscle using either the head turn or head lift activation technique.

Varying muscle contractions normally occur during VEMP testing, but can result in incorrect asymmetry calculations and lead to incorrect patient diagnosis. Interacoustics have developed a feature called “EMG scaling” to avoid this potential problem. Before or after the VEMP recording, it is possible to right click on the waveform and choose EMG Scaling. Waveforms will then be scaled according to the average EMG values recorded throughout the collection. This will make individual waveforms comparable, even though slightly different degrees of muscle tonus may have been applied during the recordings.

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