Recovery of Lost Computer Data


Did you just erase it?
Did you drop it?
- Disco with noises?
- Disk with bad Sectors?
- Corroded firmware



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1 to 3 years warranty in all products.

Recovery of Lost Computer Data

Step 1 - Diagnosis

At this stage, we need the device and our form properly completed.

The diagnostic determines the exact mode of the unit failure, which may reveal a logical, electronic, mechanical or service area malfunction.

Our diagnosis will be sent to the customer by email, highlighting the following:

  • Confirmed malfunction

  • Estimated normal recovery time / priority / urgent

  • Support for the delivery of recovered data

If you want to continue with the data recovery process:

  1. You have to fill us in the budget and sign, email us or fax us.
  2. Select the normal/ priority/urgent service type.
  3. Select the recording media of the data.
  4. Select the payment type.
  5. The data you specified will ultimately determine whether recovery will be successful from your point of view, we always strive to recover all data from the device, we don't want to recover useless data we don't need.

Step 2 - Recovery

Upon receipt of the confirmation of the signed budget, we will proceed as soon as possible, with the recovery of the data.

If it is necessary to open the device, it is done in an environment with clean air Class -100 to avoid contamination of particles in the dishes.

Once the interventions are completed, the unit is considered a stifle after its recovery, an exact copy (or image) of the interventionunit is made.

At this stage, the content of the data in the image can be scanned, with the data requested by the client, in order to confirm the successful recovery.

The data is then extracted from our server, to the chosen write support, (usually an external hard drive).

Step 3 - Listing / Confirmation

A listing of the recovered data is made so that the client can confirm their recovered files.

Step 4 - Data delivery

After the customer confirms their details, the service invoice is issued. After payment the customer can collect their details directly in the Laboratory, if you wish we can send to your address at no cost.

NOTE: The damaged device is not sent, if the customer wants the same has to give us this information within 7 days after delivery of the recovered data, having to bear the shipping costs.